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  • Retail Outlet Distribution & Hand 2 Hand Marketing

    What is the advantage of flyer and poster distribution? Everyone notices your event without having to think twice!


    Flyer and poster distribution reaches approximately 300 different lifestyle outlets throughout the San Diego County. There are customized neighborhood drops that are also available.

    Another way of distribution is Hand 2 Hand Marketing. Hand 2 Hand Marketing is exactly how it sounds: concert, event or street hand to hand flyers or product distribution outside of particular venues or designated areas to increase interest and attendance.

    Snipe Marketing | Retail Distribution

    Snipe Marketing | Hand to Hand Marketing

    Snipe Marketing | Hand to Hand Marketing

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  • Guerilla Marketing

    Unconventional marketing tactics to get your company and event noticed. Here’s how we do it:


    - Poster / Sticker Placement

    - Street Stencils / Chalk Paint

    - Video Billboard

    - Digital Graffiti

    Please contact Snipe Marketing for further details and information.

    Snipe Marketing | Sticker Placemet

    Snipe Marketing | Poster Placement

    Snipe Marketing | Chalk Stencils

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  • Sand Stamp Branding

    Take your company’s brand to the next level. The beach can be a billboard, too!


    Sand stamp sizes are customizable to your company and needs. Leave your name in the sand – literally! Catch the eyes of passerbys and beach goers and get people talking about your company today.

    Snipe Marketing | Sand Stamp Branding

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  • Tix 4 Pics

    Tix4Pics: An easy way for you to get information about your event to students on local campuses.


    This program was designed by Snipe Marketing to help grow your brand and event to an entire campus. This a simple way for you to get your company & your event noticed. Students are given flyers for your event and asked to take pictures of fellow students with the flyer. The student, in return, is given a ticket to the event if they reach the minimum total of pictures. Get your event noticed to over thousands of students on campus with the help of Snipe Marketing. Please note that this service can only be used with events that require ticket entry.

    Snipe Marketing | Tix4Pix

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  • Clean Graffiti

    Clean Graffiti gives your company the look of using guerilla marketing tactics without running the risk of upsetting local authorities.


    Regular graffiti is basically taking a stencil and spray paint and marking your territory.  Clean graffiti is essentially the same thing but the surface is cleaned rather than painted.  Using a a stencil and a high powered water pressure washer, the stencil is placed on the surface and high pressured water washes away the dirt in the form of an advertisement.



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